Cutting S Ranch - Breeders of Border Aussies, Border Collies and Quarter Horses

When we were looking for another Border-Aussie, I found Cutting S Ranch online and called Holly.  I immediately liked her and she sent me pictures of the current litter along with the momma and daddy.  Since this was our third Border-Aussie, I was pretty specific about what I wanted - but being in Colorado, I couldn't see the puppies in person.  Holly said she had just the right puppy for us.  She kept us informed every step of the way until Ryleigh arrived in Colorado.  Holly's dogs are smart and have the most wonderful dispositions. We still stay in touch with her and some of the other puppy parents, and it's been over two years.  We are blessed to have found Cutting S Ranch Border-Aussies and if possible, would get another puppy from here without hesitation.”
Maggie and Matt Bufe

“It was more than 6 years ago, that we picked out Tani and Cutter.  Although they are half brother and sister, they are nothing alike.  Physically Tani is small (18.25") and petite like her daddy (Dillion).  She is quick, sharp, very intuitive, and learns very quickly.  I used the Clicker method with both dogs.  Cutter is larger boned (looks just like a Border Collie). He's 21.75". always happy-go-lucky and ready to go, but his feelings can easily be hurt and he pouts.
He takes after his mother (Faith). He loves to please and will do anything for food!  The clicker method worked very well with him.  Both dogs are very loving, cuddly, and attentive.

I have been doing agility with them for 4 years and both dogs are at the Excellent level working toward MACHS.  I hope to reach that goal very soon.  I love the Aussie/Border mix in them.  It was one of the reasons that I selected your dogs.  They have excellent drive, but it's not over the top like most Borders.  The Aussie is the gentler side that tempers that wildness.  They both have different personalities which makes them fun and challenging to train.  I wouldn't trade them for anything......but another puppy
would be fun too!!!

This really is too short.  I could go on and on about them.  They are truly part of the family and we love them dearly.”
Sherry and Gary Comegys

" Hi Holly, Annie is the perfect dog! She's not too big or not too small - a must for trail riding companion AND lap dog combo! LOL - She's smart, loyal, has energy, but will stay totally quiet when I need her too. Her happy tail wagging and her generous hugs are just the best - couple that with those amazing, communicative expressions and you just have to hug her back! I adore her and EVERYONE should have one just like her!"
Lisa Morton

"Having looked at dozens of dogs in shelters over the period of approximately one year, I accidentally stumbled upon the Facebook page of Cutting S Ranch. My husband was out running errands when I called him and told him, (through sobs!) that I had found our puppy.

We drove to Temecula the same day and came home with the best dog anyone could have ever hoped for. Kipper is a very loyal dog who loves humans and adores children.

At the dog park, he will greet the humans before he interacts with any other dogs. He loves to please his masters and his obedience is acknowledged by almost everyone he meets. Kipper’s signature is throwing himself on the ground to just about anyone in order to get belly rubs. His sweet disposition and willingness to please is not just characteristic of him, it’s typical of every dog that I have met that came from Cutting S Ranch.

Cutting S Ranch is basically one really big, happy family with hundreds of wagging tails (or nubs!) and wet noses. It’s always such a joy to attend the Border Collie, Border-Aussie family reunions. It’s all done with so much love toward our beloved pets."
Dorothea S.

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